Same Time Next Year?

Posted: July 25, 2018 in 90-Day Novel, writing
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Humans really are cyclical creatures. I suppose it goes along with the nature of the universe. Planets spin and orbit creating days and nights. These in turn become weeks, months, years… And in the fullness of time we can remember doing something but unless it’s a life changing event such as the birth of a child or a foray into wedded bliss then the dates become a bit fuzzy.

Dates don’t really matter, do they?

No worries, Facebook is proud to present your memories from this date!

I find it funny when I realize I happened to pick the same weekend to go to the Renaissance Faire two years in a row. It’s like, “Wow, what are the odds that this would be the day I’d pick twice?”  Clearly, they’re really good.

What I find even more interesting are the odds that someone shares the same memory several years in a row. I have several friends who have latched onto some memories that have been shared on Facebook. For some it’s memes that need reviving (and I’m sucker enough to like them again the second or third time), and for others it’s pictures of their children or animals when they were oh so young and adorable (I can’t believe they were that tiny!). As I’m not one to share much on Facebook in general I wonder if they ever look back on their memories for a date and see that several are the same one just shared multiple years in a row. Does it give them a strange sense of deja vu?

I experienced my own version of deja vu the other day when I looked back on my writing notes from last year.

As you may recall (or not. This could be your first time here.) last summer I penned out a rough draft of a novel. I did the whole thing start to finish in 90 days, more or less. In order to keep myself accountable for how much I accomplished in a day I dated my work. I took it out to dinner on a regular basis and then took it back to my place to Netflix and Chill. I wrote the date in the margin along with what day of the 90-day program I was supposedly on. I wasn’t great with sticking with the program verbatim, but I accomplished my goal within the time frame so, success!

My great plan for the draft was to type it out during my off season, which for me is the school year, and have it all digitized by this summer.

That didn’t happen.

What actually happened is I tried to follow my great shining plan but in the end got caught up in a million other things and got maybe 1/3 of it typed up. The rest hung out in notebook limbo. Long story short, and circling back around to the beginning, I’ve been continuing my efforts this summer and it’s involved some hefty editing. I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished a lot and the end of summer break is looming.

To make myself feel better about my progress I decided to look back at my notebook and see where I was in the story at this point last year. I assumed I had to be further along in the story.

I’m not.

I’m at the exact same spot.

Go figure.


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