Writing Weather

Posted: November 4, 2016 in writing
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I don’t know what it is about November, but it makes me want to write.

Perhaps its the fact that by November school is well underway and my brain has settled into the rhythm of the work day. Less stress of remembering where I need to be means more time to daydream about things that aren’t work.

Maybe its the weather, as the heat of summer gives way to the ever cooling fall. Sure, there’s still plenty to enjoy outside, but when the sun starts going down around 5 the heat goes with it. No need to be outside in the chill when its comfortable indoors.

Or it could be my inbox, with its happy NaNoWriMo reminder e-mails sparking my inner Pavlovian dog to drool at the idea of a month dedicated to nothing but fictional bliss. Contrarily, I won’t be participating this year. I’ve had years when I’ve said I’m busy and then still attempted, and I’ve had others where there was nothing more pressing than the siren call of a word count, but either way for the past five years I’ve at least given it a shot. Last year I even won. (Shocking, because I’m perpetually behind in daily word counts.) This year, though, I really put myself in a bind with a play. Next week we enter tech week, and the following week we perform. There is no way in hell I have a spare minute.

Whatever it is (schedule, weather, NaNo habit, or a mysterious writing bug) I’ve found myself very much focused on the stories that exist only in my head. They kept me up a few nights ago. I wrote, fell asleep, woke at 4am and decided I couldn’t get back to sleep until I finished getting all my ideas down. Since then my brain won’t shut up. I don’t really have the time, but it’s there. Nagging me.

I can’t wait for this play to be done so I can have a little fun with my other mistress: writing.


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