Book Club: Its Okay to be Nerdy Here

Posted: May 28, 2015 in Uncategorized
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At book club I don’t feel like a nerd.

When asked, I will readily admit to being a nerd in regards to a great many things. I like comic books, I play Dungeons and Dragons, and I read a lot of books. These are all things that lend themselves to various forms of nerd-dom. What’s odd, however, is that even when I have these commonalities amongst peers I rarely get the opportunity to “geek out” over some of my loves.

Reading tops the list of things I am nerdy about but don’t often get to geek out over. I have a several friends who are equally book wormy. Heck, one of them just started a blog about books they love. But no matter how much I may gush over how fantastic a book was, how funny, sad, or sentimental I never get to fully geek out.

It’s because I’m a Literature Nerd.

When I was still in school my favorite subject was often whatever literature class I was currently enrolled in. I love discussing the hidden meanings found in books, the themes that are laid out among the pages, all those things that a great many people loathed when they sat in English class I thrive on.

When I gush about fantastic reads to my friends I don’t get to talk about that sort of thing, though. I focus on the surface. The characters, the events, the story. Half the time I have to keep it cryptic because it’s a book recommendation rather than an actual discussion. No one wants to have a book spoiled before they even pick it up.

That’s what makes book club so great. Everyone has read the book already! No spoilers!

This month we read Michael J. Sullivan’s Hollow World, a sci-fi time-traveling romp into a future where a far less diverse humanity is thrown into chaos when they are visited by a 21st century man. As the time traveler navigates through a strange land he ends up learning a lot about himself and what life is all about.

Since the book was my pick I was given the task of leading the discussion. I was more excited about this prospect than I probably should have been. As I flipped through the pages of my e-book I made notations of questions I wanted to delve into, and highlighted passages that I found intriguing. This evening I then got to lay it out in all its geeky glory.

One member mentioned that I had really gone deep with the book, that by comparison their thoughts were far closer to the surface. I just smiled. It’s the kind of thing I haven’t had the opportunity to do in over 6 years: actually discuss a book and the questions it raises about life. Since Hollow World runs in a similar vein to the classic H.G. Wells classic The Time Machine there was plenty questions raised about humanity and what it means to live life as a human.

It certainly isn’t your standard book club book, but it was enjoyed by all and paved the way for some fantastic discussions. If you have a book club and are looking for something off the beaten path you should pick it up.

Crossing my fingers the pick for next month is just as delightful, because I’m really starting to enjoy book club.


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