It’s Over 9,000!

Posted: January 7, 2015 in Uncategorized
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I have a problem.

There are too many fantastic books out in the world.

I’ve known this for a while. Growing up my friends always had new suggestions of things to read. Working in a school I see kids running around with titles I have never heard about. Goodreads sends me e-mails with new titles and suggestions in their monthly e-mails. Not to mention the fact that one of my best friends is a book-a-holic book-seller who is constantly bringing books into his house and then piling them into my arms to take with me.

This is all well and good, wonderful even. Th world can never have enough stories. There’s always something more to tell and infinite ways to tell it.

The problem is that my list of “to-read” books is growing infinitely longer and I’m not making any progress.

The list I have on Goodreads is over 100 titles long, and I know I’ve got quite a few previews squirreled away on my Kindle to remind me which I want to buy the full version of. The problem is these lists do not overlap. A few of them have, but most of them I find on my Kindle and leave on there as a list, or I find them on Goodreads and put into that list.

Unlike my recyclables they do not co-mingle.

When I first realized this around New Year’s I thought it was fine. After all, I read a good deal of books in a year. Oh! Here’s my Goodreads Year in Review, that will surely prove that having such a long list is fine.

Only, despite how much I read there were not nearly as many books on my Goodreads review as I had imagined. Thirty. That’s how many were tallied online. I know I read more. I’m sure of it. But I wasn’t very good at keeping track and now all I have are memories telling me I devoured more than that in a year. The proof, however, is noticeably absent.

I also know that almost none of those books had been on my to-read list. A few, yes, but most books that I read last year were handed to me by a friend or been pulled out of my mental list (yes, I have a mental list, too. try not to judge me too harshly).

It’s ridiculous. What is the point of having lists of books if you don’t read them? It’s like hoarding book titles not to see the contents but to prove you have great expectations for them.

I’ve since decided that I need to start utilizing that list. So I went to the library during the winter break and I picked up four books, all of which were on my list. When I’m done with them my plan is to “rinse and repeat”. I know I’ll make exceptions for some books that haven’t been put down on a list but I want to read all the same. The goal, however, is to see how many I can get through, how many I can get off the list, how short the list is capable of becoming.

The only thing I have going against me is the fact that I will undoubtedly put more books on the list as the year progresses. I just can’t help myself.

  1. Putting more books on the ‘to be read’ list is a good thing as far as I’m concerned, but then I am a writer myself. haha

    • S. Toman says:

      I love the fact that there are so many books that I look at and say, “I want to read that!” My problem is that for the past year that’s where the buck stopped, with the list getting longer as I continued to find even more things to read that I actually followed through on. If I could change that habit of mine the list could grow like Rapunzel’s hair and I would be happy.

  2. My son yells that every so often… “It’s over 9000!”

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