Look Back to Move Ahead

Posted: December 29, 2014 in Uncategorized
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A year has come and gone. Isn’t it amazing how time flies by?

I made the mistake of looking back on my resolutions from last January and realized I have not kept even one of them. Not really.

Resolution #1: Post More Often

Yeah, that didn’t happen at all. It wasn’t that I didn’t have things I wanted to talk about, but that posting never moved into a priority spot. Sometimes I would sit back and think of dozens of topics I wanted to expound upon. I would say to myself, “Yes! I totally want to explore that topic!” However, when the time came to sit down and say, “Yes! I’m going to write that right now!” I always waffled, finding my time devoured by other things and deciding that while I didn’t have the time today I would find the time tomorrow.

Resolution #2: Finish My Grim Reaper Story

This wasn’t so much a failure as a derailing. I had every intention of going balls-to-the-wall on this story. I had it plotted out and was ready to take the leap. The problem was I wrote a flippant short story midway through January that captured my imagination and have been working on that all year. A short story of maybe a thousand words has expanded to over 20,000 words and counting. It was such a simple concept back then: How does a hero in epic fantasy get a job if they are utterly unsuited for it? Can they lie and cheat their way into getting something and grow into the job?

It was a cute story. Funny. Reminiscent of the DnD sessions my friends and I play. I thought I’d be done with it after typing it up.

I wasn’t. There’s still humor, but it’s also become more complex, and dark. More than that, it’s changed from a snapshot story to something that is far more massive. I’ve rewrote the beginning more times than I care to admit at the moment, and after a year of work I have something that I’m almost happy with, that’s almost ready to be given to another set of eyes. And that is a success.

Resolution #3: Self-Advocacy for Dietary Restrictions

It’s a work in progress. Sometimes I believe I’ll forever be on a sliding scale towards that goal. Rome wasn’t built in a day.


Have any of you fared better?


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