Mean Teddies: Tyler Novo

Posted: December 11, 2014 in Web Goodies
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Go ahead. Watch it. I’ll wait the two and a half minutes it’ll take you to do so, and then we can talk.

Other than the fact that the mere concept of Teddy Bears doing battle with the monsters under the bed is fantastic beyond belief, what I like most about it is that there is a lot of story told in a minimal amount of time. It was both self-contained, and part of a greater unknown story.

When the short film is done I find myself thinking about the world where the story takes place. I can imagine that what I’ve just seen is just a small part of a greater struggle. It isn’t just the story of this boy and his bear, the latter of which who has been triumphant in his most recent duties, but the story of all Teddy Bears. My mind wanders to the bear heads on spikes at the beginning. What happened to those children?

A story well-told is the kind that has a life beyond the page. Or in this case, beyond the screen.

People tend to put stock in the full-length feature films, the novels, the five-act plays. Heck, I’m as guilty of this tendency as the next person. I overlook the little things in life, and then something like this pops up that reminds me that great things come in small packages.

Makes me want to grab my collections of short stories and one-act plays off the shelf so I can sit back and enjoy stories that I can get start to finish in less than an hour but will stick in my mind for far longer.

What’s your favorite short story or video? I’d love some recommendations.



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