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Tonight is the eve of the start of one of the most notorious writing competitions ever. To be more specific, it is the eve of one of the subdivisions of, but that hardly matters. For those writers who have already been initiated into the madness that has been condensed into the simple word “NaNoWriMo”, I salute you. For those who know not of what I speak, brace yourselves, for this way lies madness.

Yes, my friends. Tomorrow, July 1st, marks the start of CampNaNoWriMo: thirty-one days of pure, unadulterated literary overdrive. We shall write our daily totals and in the end we shall be victorious when before our eyes we see pages upon pages totaling 50,000 words. We shall win when we see our novel sprung forth from our brains, through our pens, and onto our paper. Or, keyboard to screen if you prefer. I know it makes the word count a lot easier. Granted, CampNano offers us flexible word counts, a welcome change for those who have found 50,000 beyond their reach but would settle to push themselves for 30,000 and call it a day knowing they are halfway there. Others, scoff at the meager 50,000 words and toss their glasses to the ground crying out, “ANOTHER!” and so they have the ability to up their word count to a staggering 999,999. (I don’t know anyone who would do this, but drop me a line if you are because I bow to a skill far greater than my own.)

As I have said in the past: We who are about to die, salute you.

For more fantastic pep talks check your CampNaNo inbox. They tend to have them over there. For those who will be doing battle with the ultimate enemy, writer’s block, you might need something a little bit stronger. We’re at war, after all, and that means epic-level battle speeches. I found a youtube video listing a top 10…but there was too much commenting and not enough speeching, so I picked one that I felt was quite motivating and epic.

It was a tough decision, let me tell you. I had a serious hankering to show the opening speech from Gladiator, but Aragorn stole my heart once again. Darn you, Viggo!

As for my own plans for Camp NaNoWriMo I’m going to do what would be considered rebelling during November’s NaNoWriMo but it totally legit to do during camp and focus on rewrites. I’ve been working really hard on a fantasy serial and want to get the first couple episodes typed out so I have something tangible to work with when I get busy during the fall. My goal is 50,000 words. Within that 50,000 words I hope to encompass three stories, perhaps four. As my prep currently stands I have two of those basically rough drafted, and two I will be basically writing from scratch during the month. To stay on task and on schedule that’s about one story per week.

This should be totally do-able. I’ve already got my cabin set. For those who want to check in on my word count or race me to the finish you can find me under the username samt. Good luck, everyone!



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