Posted: June 4, 2014 in Web Goodies
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Wandering around the internet, as I tend to do, I came upon a clip about John Green and his book-turned-movie-coming-out-soon The Fault In Our Stars. This clip did not put me in mind of the charming book detailing the romance of two cancer kids that touches the heart of all who read it. Admittedly, I have not picked it up yet. Something about two teens with cancer mixed with a title based on a line from Julius Caesar  does not make me think it’s going to end well. In fact, the book would probably cause tears to gush forth from my eyes. I’m all for cathartic moments through art…I just don’t go looking for them. For example: I picked up The Time Traveler’s Wife the other summer, read it, bawled my heart out for the last quarter of the book and at the end of all things loved it to pieces. However, I don’t typically go looking for things that make me sad. I’m very sensitive when it comes to death in general, so I’m not a fan of picking up a book knowing someone is going to die and I’m going to get all upset about it.

Anyways, I digress. The point is, the clip made me think of something else John Green is famous for: his youtube channel vlogbrothers. For those of you who have yet to stumble upon this little gem the basic premise that started this channel was that for one year John and his brother Hank would communicate with each other only via their youtube channel. That’s over simplifying it. They were allowed to see each other face-to-face, they could call each other…it was more a voluntary vow of foregoing text-based communication. No texts, no IMs(back when AIM was a thing), and no e-mails. Maybe texting wasn’t so big back then…let me think back to 2007 and what I was doing…yeah, texting was still kind of new, like “50 characters per text that’s all you get” kind of new. Anyways, they would take turns, starting on January 1st, posting vlogs to each other. They called it Brotherhood 2.0. Maybe I should have just embedded the first video. That would have explained things much better than I ever could. Oh well.

Many further rules would follow, including video time limits and punishments for breaking the rules established. And it spawned a continuing form of bonding for the pair. (Wow, the word “bonding” took way too long to think of. My brain is working on overtime interpreting mode, because I sat there for what felt like forever with my fingers interlaced like this, trying to think of the right word.) What’s great is they don’t just talk about brotherly things, they talk about current events, and nerd-stuff, and you see some absolutely crazy things. Crazy things that you feel compelled to watch several times in a row. The one that springs to my mind immediately is an earwax removal. Maybe it’s a bit gross to post, so instead I’m going to share with you a punishment John had to endure that made me laugh so hard my face hurt. I give you: John Green Waxing His Chin.

So the brothers concluded the year and had lots of fun and games. They started the term “Nerd Fighters” which, isn’t a group that fights nerds but are instead nerds who fight to make the world a better place. Fight as in, you know, trying hard, not as in they get together to beat each other up. Violence doesn’t make the world a better place. They started a fund to reduce suck. I’m all for reducing suck levels.

I guess, the real point of this post is to share a little Nerdfighteria with those who were unaware. That and to just say, “Damn, I wish I had that kind of follow through.” One year. A video every other day. That’s over 180 videos in a year per brother. More than that it’s a commitment to think of something to talk about in an entertaining way every other day. My life gets so busy I can’t even manage a blog post a week. I fail at my New Year’s Resolution to post more often. If I was John or Hank I would have been doing a LOT of punishments for not posting. But then again…I would probably have been so busy I would have forgotten the punishment. That’s like punishments squared.

My goal for this summer is to get back on track with posts. I’ve been thinking a lot about what I want to share through this blog. I started out thinking I wanted a place to air my thoughts about my writing process. I still do. But I also realize that I want to talk about other things that come to mind. I want to share fun things I find on the internet, and weird thoughts I have about geeky things, and of course I want to bring in book reviews again. I read a metric shit-ton of books during the school year. The amount is reduced during the summer, but still I feel like I want to talk about them. Like right now I’m reading two books, both with female protagonists, both with budding romances, both taking place in relatively the same time period, and both written in a similar voice. I’m digging them both but ay-yai-yai, sometimes I sit down to read and have to remind myself which one I’m reading. They are that similar. And I want to talk about that.

So, as for you other bloggers out there: How easy is it to stick to a posting schedule? Do you always fall behind only to come crawling back to it begging for forgiveness. Or are you like John and Hank Green? You post every day without breaking a sweat.


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