The Rewrite is Done!

Posted: May 4, 2014 in Uncategorized
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I’m not sure if I can properly put into words how excited I am but I can try.  I started work on this short story at the end of January. I typed it up a day later, read it and thought, “That’s not bad. It’s a cute little story…I just feel like there’s maybe something more to it.” It simmered on the back burners of my brain and I realized I could meld it with another idea I had. Perfect. I set to work typing up a rewrite that had a bit more action, a bit more complexities. Now we’re cooking with gas! The problem with gas is it tends to be explosive. And of course, after you increase complexities you have to increase your own abilities to do it justice. So my gas stove became a Bunsen Burner. The problem with that kind of intensity is you can create more problems by over analyzing. I had several false re-starts, I thought for a short period of time that I should change the point of view, and eventually settled on just the fact that I needed more lead in to what I had. Thus began my fourth draft.

I have been working on this draft for over one month. To be fair I don’t devote as much time as I probably should but one month for 10,000 words is a long time. It’s a lot of time to think about what you’ve put down, and what you can change, and what you can expand, and oh hey that’s a great idea we should use that, maybe we don’t need that, no we definitely need that but it needs to be tweaked. Too much thinking. This morning I finally ended it. I wrote the last sentence, formatted it to print (because I’m one of those weird people who still likes hard copies of things to peruse and edit), and watched as 30 pages came out of my printer. I was in awe that there was no more to be done on that particular document.

What I felt at that moment was probably a close relative of shock.

Now, typing this post I realize I’m really proud of what I did. I’ve been working on this thing for 4 months. The draft I just finished was over a month in the making. It’s pretty exciting to know that what I have done in this draft is the form that the final draft will take. There are no extra scenes that I feel I need to add, this is the muscular system for this Frankenstein of a project. The next round of edits I do will be just that: edits. It will not be a huge rewrite. It’ll be about polishing. The next round of edits is like putting on the monster’s skin. Nothing too dramatic but it’s going to make the story.

What makes me even more excited is that after those edits are done I can hand it out to my friends to look at. Months of work and I want so badly to show it to people. I want feedback, I want reactions, I want to just say, “This is something I’ve been working on for a while, hopefully you enjoy it.” It brings a smile to my face to think of how much the story has changed and how close I am to being “finished”. Authors often say that no story is ever “finished”. You just reach a point when you have to let it go. I’m nearing that point with this story. It’s a labor of love. I want this story to be what I envision it to be, but I’m getting to the point where I want it “out of my house”. One more big edit, and some minor work after getting feedback, and then maybe we can talk about formatting it so it can go out into the bigger world to interact with strangers.

But not yet.

Now is the time I sit back and bask in the knowledge that it’s “done”.

Now I can sit back and smile.



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