The Wisdom of Rest

Posted: August 29, 2013 in Uncategorized
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Are you one of the lucky ones who’s had their wisdom teeth removed? I myself joined the ranks a few weeks ago. It’s a very strange experience if you choose to go the route of sedation (I did, because I hate the idea of anyone cutting, breaking, and pulling things out of my mouth. It makes me all ookie inside.). You enter the room and get hooked up to every monitor in existence in preparation for the big surgery. I don’t know if this is the norm, but mine then gassed me by putting a mask over my nose and telling me to breathe deep. I must say, that experience alone was strange and unusual as my head began to feel light and everything was just not as it should be in the sense that I felt my perceptions were on delayed reaction. Next, they hook you up to an IV, give you some meds and then BAM! You’re suddenly in some other room sitting up with gauze in your mouth and some nurse telling you you should stand up. How the hell did you even get in this room?

Needless to say, I was incapacitated.

I did nothing.

I wrote nothing.

Hell, even eating  was a challenge for a good part of a week.

As such, I’ve been absent from the blog. There’s not much to report as far as writing goes. I just started putting pen to paper again this week. However, those of you who follow my blog may have noticed that Cat Lumb nominated me for a blog award awhile back, awhile back meaning 9 days ago. I saw the post and felt incredibly honored that she would list me, and even more so that she would have such a sweet little tag line to give people an idea of what I’m about. I’m flattered.

While I would love to be able to list twelve blogs that I follow on a regular basis and pay it that much forward (especially to those blogs who aren’t owned by a publicly recognized figure) I have to say I don’t believe I follow that many blogs. I love reading blogs, but my life has become busy enough that I don’t read as many on a regular basis, though I check in with them once in awhile. More than that, I also realize that half the blogs I follow…are probably not of interest to those who found my blog. I have several that I follow about writing, author blogs, you know, things that I talk about on here…and then I have knitting blogs.

Knitting is my other hobby. No, it’s not just for little old grandmas. Yes, there is some fantastically wicked things a person can knit up. And yes, there are some fantastic bloggers who talk solely about knitting and are funny besides.

Anyways, without straight up calling them nominations, I’m going to pay it forward to the best of my abilities and list off some of the fantastic blogs that I follow.

Cat Lumb: The Struggle to be a Writer

Just as Cat reads me, I read her, too. Does that mean we’ve created a never ending loop? Anyways, it’s a spunky little blog detailing the ups and downs of being an aspiring writer. I wouldn’t be surprised if we can knock out the “aspiring” in the future. Or maybe the proper way to say it is that she’s a writer with aspirations of publishing. Anyways, if you aren’t coming over here from over there you should check her out.

Creative Writing with the Crimson League

A self-published writer whose work I have yet to read (though it’s on the list when I get around to it because I’m intrigued by the snippets she discusses). The main reason I read this blog isn’t because she’s self-published, it’s because she posts every day, rain or shine, about writing advice. We’re talking character creation, plotting, editing. If you can think of the topic, she’s probably talked about it. If not, she will, just give her some time to get there.

Hugh Howey

Hugh is a self-published author who’s short story Wool became super popular and launched him into the main media. He posts often and the content ranges from information about his books to information about the state of publishing.

Patrick Rothfuss

A Wisconsin native like myself, Pat is the author of an epic fantasy trilogy known as the “King Killer Chronicles”. He’s a geek at heart and posts geek-stuff. Even more cool than the geek stuff is that every holiday season he runs a HUGE fundraiser for his charity group Worldbuilders, which supports Heifer International who then use the funds to work towards ending world poverty and hunger. More specifically, they use money to buy cows, goats, chickens and any other livestock you can think of to give to families.

Yarn Harlot

The first blog I ever really followed. This blog chronicles the comedic exploits of Stephanie Pearl-McPhee as she talks about all things wooly. If you knit and haven’t heard of her you should check it out. If you have any interest in knitting, you should check her out, too.

Celiac in the City

It’s extra cool that she lives in my home town and that I’ve actually met her for her gluten free get-togethers, but more strange than that she’s a sign language interpreter and I actually stumbled upon her blog because she visited my class in college and she mentored one of my classmates. Anyone who just found out their digestive system can’t handle gluten (wheat, barley, rye…I feel like I’m missing another big one but if you really care what else you either already know what I’m talking about or know someone who’s in the same boat) should check it out. She’s got links to lots of other fantastic gluten free blogs with recipes, product suggestions, and added bonus if you’re in the Milwaukee area she does restaurant reviews, too.


There you have it. Six blogs that I read with any frequency. You also now know far more about me than I think I’ve ever divulged on the blog before. Well, I have to make up for not filling in my “About Me” page somehow. Yes, filling in the “About Me” page…I have to do that someday. I didn’t even realize I had one until I looked at page views and some people had actually clicked on it to get a big fat nothing of information. It’ll get done eventually…just not today.


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