Stick a Fork in Me… Because I’m Done!

Posted: August 1, 2013 in Reaper, Twelve
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This is a post I wanted to write last night at around 9:30pm but realized my brain was too far gone for anything that seemed even roughly cognizant. There were ideas, but no flow to the thoughts. It is my hope that I can bring some form of clarity to those thoughts today, but I’m just so stoked I may be a bit discombobulated.

I did it.

50,000 words: Finished

A Novel: Finished…more or less. I’m sitting at around 75,000 for the complete rough draft of my Twelve Dancing Princesses novel including what I wrote before and during Nano. Yes, I’ve been working on this story since before CampNano started, for about a year now all things told. Yes, I was working as a rebel spy. It was a trap! But I’m happy I wasn’t starting from the beginning because there’s no way I would have finished the plot in a month’s time and that would have made me sad. As it stands, there’s still some scenes that I have to fill in, timelines that need to be tweaked, dialogue that needs to be fleshed out. (Do you ever find yourself, in the stream of consciousness of writing, that words sometimes escape you and you start typing in expletives as adjectives because you’re too lazy to think of anything better at that moment and don’t want to pause to think of it? Yea, I have some of those going on in the manuscript. They will be going away when not completely appropriate. Okay in dialogue? Perhaps. Okay in narrative? Not so much.)

This is the first time the story has sat in any form of completion. It’s all there more or less. Scenes that haven’t been written have at least been made note of that they need to be added, but nothing that disrupts the actual story is missing. For sure, I need to go through it and rewrite it to something that resembles what I’d like it to be, but for now I bask. I bask in the afterglow of accomplishing something that at times seemed impossible. I bask in the glow of something that I was too close to accomplishing to just sit back and accept defeat. I bask in the glow of being one step further to a finished product.

The plan is to bask for a week and then the writer in me will demand I accomplish something. Already my mind has started to think of edits and additions. I tell my mind to shut up. I want to let it sit and rest and just exist before I toy with it some more. The question is: how long do I let it sit?

Right now I can’t even look at it. The thought of writing so many words (almost 85 pages typed in word) and then diving right into editing them just makes me too sad. The parts that really need to be worked will need more than a few tweaks. Some edits could be massive like Godzilla. After a week I may feel differently, and then it comes into question of what’s best for the story. Is it better to go back at it while everything’s fresh in my mind, to toil onward until I have a manuscript that is very close to finished or do I take a break? I’m not going to lie, I’ve got in mind a storyline about Grim Reapers that is just killing me to get out but I put it on hold until I finished Twelve. I think it might be time to work on a new project, and when that project is finished I can look at Twelve again with a fresh eye and work on that while Reaper sits and chills out.

I kind of like the idea of staggering the work, always having two projects. One to edit, one to create.

We shall see what happens. For now, I BASK!


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