We Who Are About To Die Salute You

Posted: July 2, 2013 in Twelve
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NaNoWriMo is here!

I gotta pull myself together. Today I will write enough to meet the standard 1,667 word goal, but I’ve got a busy social calendar this week and I’m not sure what that’s going to do to my word count. The biggest problem is I didn’t get nearly the jump start I wanted to word count yesterday, so today I was struggling to catch up on what I was missing out on yesterday (only a few hundred words, but that was still starting at a deficit). This would not be a problem, but I’ve already needed to adjust my daily word count to meet my current social needs, which means I’m not currently satisfying my word goal, I’m behind it. I still need to pull an extra thousand words out of my brain and onto the computer screen. Whatever word count I manage today I need to meet or exceed tomorrow so my extended weekend vacation doesn’t ruin my word count quotas for the rest of the month.

Why do I never have any time during NaNo?

It seems like it never fails that the month of NaNo starts and suddenly I have a million things to do and not enough time to write. Or that writing the same amount of words seems to take twice as long? Maybe by now it’s the fear of defeat. I have never succeeded in my word count for NaNo, so perhaps now I have mental blocks about it knowing I’m almost perpetually several thousand behind until I can’t even hope to catch up.

Do you think this means I’m secretly one of those kinds of writers who takes forever to finish anything? Think about it. Some writers are practically growing their books on trees only to pluck them when the time is right and send them off. They publish at least one book a year, if not more than that. Others, take years to polish off even one, like they’re chiseling it from marble using only a toothpick and a pair of scissors. The more I write, the more I believe that I might be one of the types who takes forever. Not nearly as long as George R. R. Martin or Patrick Rothfus, but long enough that it could be several years before my book is done to some form of my satisfaction.

The first reason is time constraints. I have a busy lifestyle.

Second, and probably more to the point currently, I’m a bit of a perfectionist. I write a chapter up, continue forward and later realize I should have written the chapter up differently. Rather than leave it and continue onwards I choose to go back and fix it now. That’s what I’m currently doing, mind you. I’m rewriting my first chapter for what is probably the 5th time. It was a good run. Took me all of three months writing at a steady pace to realize what I needed to fix. I was just about ready to continue onward to chapter 9 and instead became obsessed with how I was going to rewrite chapter 1. I didn’t have the will power to stop it, so I started out my NaNo by rewriting something I’ve already worked on several times. The good news is this version will/should be the almost definitive version. I just know I have similar edits for chapter 2 and 3… so I’m hoping I can power through the rest of this chapter this evening and then force myself to work on chapter 9. I need to practice writing new material. I’ve been stuck on the same grouping of material for a year now. It’s time to move onward to things I haven’t tackled.

Third, I wish I could think of a third.

I’ll let you know Monday how absolutely screwed my word count is. It could be epic.

Does anyone else have problems with moving forward when their gut tells them to edit?


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