25,000 words and counting

Posted: June 6, 2013 in Twelve
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If this was a Nano month I would be doing the happy dance of being 50% done.

Oh, what the heck, I’ll do a happy dance anyways.

This month started the inception of my summer writing goals and I must say, there’s nothing more satisfying right now that being able to see numerical progress on a chart. Not just one chart, but four. I’ve been working with a paper chart since the start of my rewrite, using the chart from one of the Nano writing guides (the one I have is from silveragebooks) to block in my progress in colored bars and also put down dates as I hit the daily total milestones. My progress, if all in one month, would be a fantastic sight as the colored bars completely match up to the daily goals. However, these bars have been spaced out between four months worth of writing, but already I can see progress. Each month I’ve dedicated a different color for the bars, thereby I can see how many times I hit a goal during one month and a cross reference that with the other printout of what days I hit those goals. The fantastic part is if I keep up to my goals, I’ll have a lot of bars all in dark blue finishing out the chart.

Because I like instant gratification, I have another two charts tallying up word count for me so I don’t waste time adding it up on paper (because I would, and its bad enough I’ll stop to word count check after every large chunk without adding addition time. Have I mentioned math is not my strongest suit?). One chart is for overall numbers, which I then plug into daily word counts and see the 1,000 words I owe slowly tick down until I see a negative number.

I’m only a little bit behind for this week, and I’ll totally make that up tomorrow and Saturday. When I say I’m a little bit behind, I’m talking about a mere 600 words. That’s child’s play compared to what I’m typically running behind during Nano (then we’re talking thousands at the end of a week).

The ability to see the negative numbers and color in my bars is plenty of motivation to get me through the moments of writer’s block or tired brain.

What do you do to motivate yourself? Do you do word count goals? Page goals? Or is every moment a time for celebration?

Sometimes I feel like I’m in the elementary stages of author-dom. It’s so hard to get back into the swing that I’m always curious how much I’ve written. And let me tell you, if I didn’t keep track it would be going a lot slower than it is. Are others as tied to word count or have some of you graduated beyond that to where you write and write and eventually you say, “that’s good for today” knowing you’ve done something sufficient?


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